The Joseph A. Oddis Endowment was established in 1996 to honor Joseph A. Oddis, Sc.D., who served as Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of ASHP for 37 years. Dr. Oddis is also one of the founders of the ASHP Foundation. Retired on January 1, 1998, he is widely admired for building a strong, well-managed association that engages in publishing, continuing education, advocacy and other activities that support ASHP members, the profession and the public at large.

The Oddis Endowment provides a permanent funding source to support the important work of the Foundation he helped to create. The Endowment, like Dr. Oddis, has a lasting impact on the profession of pharmacy and is helping to ensure that the ASHP Foundation continues to be a vital force in addressing important public health issues related to the use of medications.


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